The benefits of building a pole barn are countless, especially in Colorado. At Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing, we know all about building a pole barn and we understand the weather conditions in our area. So, our buildings are specially engineered to withstand the Colorado wind speeds and snow loads. Here are three advantages to building a pole barn.  

Quick construction 

Pole barn construction is quick compared to other building methods, and one of the main reasons is that it does not have a foundation. But despite this, the post-frame construction technique results in sturdy, reliable buildings. Since the siding is manufactured off-site, this saves a great deal of time once construction starts. Poles or posts are used for the structural framing of the building. Once they are set, the sheet metal siding is placed around the pole structure. The windows, doors, and roof are then installed, as well as services such as electricity.  

The poles used for structural framing are buried a few feet into the ground and cemented in. If a cement floor is required, construction will take slightly longer. The posts are widely spaced, allowing for fewer thermal breaks in the finished structure and a better-insulated building. All the buildings that Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing designs have superior ventilation for improved air quality and comfort. 

You might require a permit from your local authority before constructing a pole barn. The local building department is the best source of information about building permits, electrical codes, and zoning. Peak Pole Barns will help you through this process.   


Pole barn structures are often used as barns, but they are versatile and can be used for other purposes as well. Some use them as homes, and with a low-cost pole barn home interior, it can be quite cost-effective. Other pole barn building uses include: 

  • Garage

As a garage, a pole barn  protects your vehicles from inclement weather, or it can house a vintage car collection and other toys like boats, ATVs, and more.

  • All-purpose household goods storage

Every household has items they don’t use regularly, or inherited furniture kept safely for the next generation. 

  • Commercial storage

A low-cost option that protects goods and machinery, without high construction or maintenance costs.

  • Agricultural goods storage

Ventilation and fire-resistance are two basic requirements for storing agricultural goods whether animal feed, seeds, or potatoes. Both are inherent in pole barn designs. 

Whatever your horse-related needs are, a pole barn can be designed to incorporate expansion, functionality, and aesthetics. Design safety is always a first consideration. 

  • Small plane or helicopter hangar

Whether you travel extensively, or need to survey your cattle from the air, a pole barn makes the ideal hangar.


Pole barn prices are reasonable as they require fewer construction materials than typical buildings. They also use less labor for construction because installation is quick compared to standard buildings, and it is timesaving. But this affordability does not mean less comfort. Pole barns can still be fitted with services such as electricity, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).    

Because pole barns have fewer thermal breaks, the building is better insulated and saves on heating and air conditioning costs. Insurance costs are also positively impacted as the metal roofing and siding can have a UL 2219 Class 4 hail impact resistance and UL 790 Class A fire-resistance rating.    

Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing in Colorado Springs is a full-service business. We design the custom building with our clients, source all the materials for the pole barn, and do the construction. Do you want customized steelwork such as a cupola, handrails, or unique artwork? If you can dream it, Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing will do our best to make it for you. The benefits of building a pole barn are many. Contact us today.