Horse Pole Barn Design & Construction in Colorado

Whether you are a seasoned horse owner or embarking on the journey of building your first horse pole barn, whether you have a herd of horses or a cherished pair, Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing is here to design and build a superior equestrian facility that meets your needs.
We specialize in prefabricated and post-frame barns and stables. We build every barn to order and pride ourselves on offering a wide range of customization options. No matter how big a horse barn you need or what your specific detailed requirements are, we can build it for you with a complete solution covering everything from design to construction.

Safe, attractive barns to suit your equestrian passion

Horse Arena

Owning and caring for horses is hard work and a labor of love. As an equestrian and horse owner, one of the most important things you can do for your horses is to give them a safe, comfortable home. Building a quality horse barn will also make caring for your horses that much easier. You need to partner with a company that understands the special requirements and problems of horse barn design and construction and whose passion for building these structures matches your love for your animals. It’s essential to consider both the health and safety of the horses, and of the people who spend large parts of their days caring for them. You also want a stable that is attractive and that adds to the aesthetic value of your property – particularly if you are involved in showing and training and need a facility into which you can proudly invite your clients. Functionality matters, such as water supply, manure disposal, feed storage, exercise space, loading and unloading access, and legal or other restrictions that may apply, as well as possible future expansion, must also be factored into the design.

Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing is committed to building quality, custom-made horse pole barns, designing each one to suit the unique requirements of each client. We fully understand the aesthetic and functional demands of horse stables and create structures that provide for all of them.

Custom-designed Horse Pole Barn of All Sizes

Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing builds horse barns ranging in size from single shed rows to center-aisle stables that house multiple horses. Small barns can shelter anywhere from one to six horses. Medium-sized ones might feature seven to fifteen stalls, and larger ones are intended to accommodate sixteen or more. Whether you want a small, personal barn or a medium to large facility for a working farm, our design and construction skills will turn your horse barn into a reality.

Benefits Of Horse Pole Barn Structures

Owning and caring for horses is expensive. Thankfully, building a horse barn doesn’t have to be. Relative to their size, efficiency, features and ease of construction, pole barns are very cost-effective, allowing you to construct the perfect facility for your horses and get maximum value for your investment. They are also scalable and flexible. You have more options as to where you can place the barn on your property, as well as plenty of choices when it comes to the design and size of the structure. You can design and build the perfect home for your horses at a very reasonable price.

Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing specialize in the design and construction of all kinds of pole barn structures including horse pole barns. Contact us to discuss your planned equestrian facility and get a quote for one of our affordable, quality post-frame structures.

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