Indoor Horse Arena in Colorado

Building an indoor horse arena in Colorado is surely the ultimate dream for any horse owner in Colorado. Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing can make that dream a reality simply and affordably.

Like our barns, our indoor arenas are individually designed and can be fully customized to suit your preferences to work as a natural extension of your stables. We aim to build a beautiful place to ride, a welcoming facility into which you can proudly invite clients and guests, while still keeping costs low and completing the project quickly and efficiently.

Our indoor horse arenas create a healthy environment that is well-ventilated and provides the maximum riding space relative to the overall dimensions of the structure. We are sure that you want to create an environment that is perfect both for horses and the people who work with them, and that is exactly what we aim to provide.

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Custom-Built Post-Frame Indoor Arenas

Our approach to equestrian indoor horse arena design and construction involves post-frame structures for fast turnaround times, combined with high levels of safety and comfort, and the creation of solid structures that will last for years. We work closely with each client to design a horse arena that is specifically suited to your needs. Our horse-riding arenas offer the following benefits:

How Big Should Your Indoor Horse Riding Arena in Colorado Be?

We can build arenas of any size, so the question you need to ask yourself is what size would be most suitable? Industry experts agree that the ideal arena should be 60’ in width with interior heights of between 16’ and 18’ from ground to peak. One of the most important factors in an arena is a clear span, i.e., no beams or posts inside the arena. 80’ x 200’ and 60’ x 120’ are the two most common sizes of indoor riding arena in Colorado. Doorways should be around 14’ high to make way for horses and riders, and the ideal width of the door is around 14’.

The Key Features of an Indoor Riding Arena Design in Colorado

Indoor riding arenas generally include the following standard features:

Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing can design and build your equine indoor arena quickly and affordably while still building a structure that will last. Contact us to discuss your dream indoor horse arena.

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