Quality Pole Barns for All Purposes in Colorado

Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing is a proud supplier of quality pole barns for all purposes, from residential to equestrian. We build all types of post-frame buildings, providing a complete construction solution from design to completion. No matter what function you want your post-frame structure to serve, we can build it for you!

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What kinds of structures can be built using post-frame construction?

Don’t let the name deceive you: pole barns are much more than just barns. Post-frame construction can be used to build any kind of structure. Pole barn homes are relatively common, for example. The method can also be used to build garages, stables, storage facilities, and yes – barns too! It is an extremely versatile design and construction method that can produce almost any building you have in mind.

What is a pole barn?

A pole barn is a general term describing a broad range of multi-purpose, post-frame buildings. Post-frame construction is a technique used to construct sturdy, reliable buildings quickly and inexpensively. It is an engineered solution designed for efficiency and extreme adaptability. The name of these structures comes from the fact that they are designed with posts or poles for structural framing. These are buried a few feet into the ground and serve as the foundation for the finished structure. This method is a much less expensive and quicker way to build strong, sturdy buildings.

What are the benefits of pole barns?

Pole barns offer at least four advantages:

Do you need a permit for a pole barn?

Typically, you will be required to get a permit from your local authority before you begin construction on your pole barn. Some towns and cities might waive this requirement if the structure is small enough – like a shed, for example. Contact your local building department for information about building permits, electrical codes and zoning.

Whatever pole barn structure you have in mind, Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing can design and build it for you. Contact us to discuss your requirements for pole barns and to get a quote.

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