If you are wondering how to design a pole barn, the first thing you need to know is what purpose the building will serve. Will it actually be used as a barn on your farm? Perhaps stables? You might need a storage room or a garage. In any case, a prefabricated, customized pole barn could be the ideal structure for your needs.

Sizing Your Pole Barn

The most common residential pole barn size is 24 x 24. For commercial use, the most common size is 30×40. Because pole barns are customizable, you can really put a lot of thought into exactly how much space you need. If you plan to use your barn as a workshop, you will probably want a 30 x 40 unit. If you are stabling horses, you need to give each horse 75-100 square feet of space. For four to six horses, a 36×48 barn is ideal. If you have more than six horses, you will want to go for the 40×60 barn or larger.

Bear in mind that the width of a building affects the price because of the roof trusses. So, a building of about 20 X 36 will be the most cost-effective size.

With the standard distance between pole barn columns at 8 feet, you can customize your barn in 8-foot lengths to create the perfect space for your needs and property size, whether you are housing livestock, cars, or anything else. 

Choosing the Right Layout

An important step in the construction process is laying out the barn. Proper planning will ensure that your new structure works well for the purpose it is intended. If this step in the construction process is done properly, it will ensure a sturdy building.

Ask yourself.What size pole barn do I need?’ Once you have selected the height, width and length of your project, you are ready to browse the options that Peak Pole Barns offers. We can help you create a custom barn by adding doors, windows, and more so that you can get the most out of your pole barn. 

Consider adding a lean-to on your pole barn when planning how to design a pole barn to create shelter from the elements along one of the outside walls. A lean-to is a great addition for storage, a sitting area and many other purposes.

Essential Features for Farm Buildings

When you’re planning a new post-frame farm building, you start to visualize the space and how you can customize it to be the perfect addition to your farm – whether it be a new shop, cold storage, barn or any other use you may have in mind.

When it comes to pole barn design ideas, purpose is key. There are so many functions a pole barn could fulfill, and that is what will determine the features you choose to give you the best custom pole barn design.

Do you need sliding doors? How many entrances does your new building need? Will laminated columns or perma-columns suit your purposes better? What type of windows will work and look best? What is the ideal pole barn roof style for me? What pole barn colors should I choose? All these choices related to how to design a pole barn can be exhausting.

Why Hire An Expert?

Pole barn contractors will be able to help you as they know from experience which features work best for each purpose. You do not need to be concerned about the labor cost to build a pole barn, the engineering details of your pole barn roof design, or the materials list. These are the details a professional pole barn builder will take care of.

At Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing, we can create the pole barn you have dreamed of; anything is possible with our expertise, experience, and fine workmanship. Our cutting-edge engineering and a focus on strength and durability are what our clients appreciate most about us. Every project we work on is one-of-a-kind and of the highest possible quality.

For more information about how to design a pole barn, or for an obligation-free estimate, contact Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing without delay!