We do pole barn design nearly every day at Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing, and trust you find this guide of value. Peak Pole Barns is a full-service business based in Colorado Springs, but we have been custom building and fabricating since 2004. It is best to clarify all the aspects of your pole barn design before getting quotes. What should you think about? 

  • The building’s purpose
  • Limitations of the construction land
  • The structure’s dimensions 
  • Preferred materials and colors 
  • Future extensions
  • Necessity of a porch or lean-to
  • The building’s interior
  • Accessories (doors, windows, cupolas etc.)  

We share more here about building dimensions and pole barn uses, and encourage you to choose the type of building materials that are best for your building’s purpose. 

What Are Your Required Pole Building Dimensions?  

Have you decided what the building’s purpose will be? Are you planning storage for your RV or a horse barn? Does the land on which you are planning to build have a high water table, or are there building restrictions? Once you know the answers to these questions, think about the pole building dimensions for your current building and whether you want to extend the structure in the future. 

The Peak Pole Barns team are experienced industry professionals who can design and build any customized structure. We offer advice to ensure structural stability and optimum building functionality, but if you can dream it, we will build it. Our company can build wall heights from 10’ to 24’, any width up to 80’, and any length you want without limits. Do you want a helicopter hangar? We can design and build it for you. 

Choosing The Types of Pole-Building Supplies

The next design aspect to choose is the type of pole-building supplies you want. Pole barn construction uses two primary materials: metal and wood. Many post-frame structures are wrapped with metal since it is durable and practical. The metal used for Peak Pole Barns projects is available in more than twenty colors, including Crimson, Forest, Burnished Slate, and Light Stone. It has a UL 790 Class A fire resistance rating, UL 2218 Class 4 hail impact resistance, and is available in galvanized or galvalume metal.  

What Are Pole Barns Used For On Your Property?

Let’s return to the building’s purpose. What are pole barns used for in general? When the average person thinks of pole barns, they imagine a loafing shed (three-sided building) and agricultural buildings storing hay or machinery. The industry has moved forward, and many people are building their homes and garages with the pole barn construction method. 

It is a quick, sturdy, and affordable solution compared to traditional construction methods. The posts or poles used for structural framing are buried a few feet into the ground, serving as a strong foundation for the finished structure. Many indoor riding arenas and horse barns are pole barns. Owners can use the construction savings for customized steelwork, a service also offered by Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing.

Get a Quote on Pole Barn Plans From Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing

Do you have a better idea of the type of pole barn design you want? Get a quote for your pole barn plans from Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing. We work throughout Colorado and engineer buildings to withstand the state’s wind speeds and snow loads. We are a full-service business, from concept to finished construction, and can design any custom building for you. 

Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing offer clients a complete solution, from design to manufacturing and construction. Contact us today for professional assistance with your first pole barn design.