You are excited about adding a barn to your property, but maybe you’re also a little worried about how to choose the right pole barn contractor. If that sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place. Read on to uncover the best practices for hiring a suitable firm.

Experience is Key

Pauline Phillips noted, “If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we’d all be millionaires.” That is impossible. But the next best thing is to cash in on the experience pole barn contractors have paid for through years of knowledge.

Because post-frame barns are easier to build than other types of construction, opportunists claim to be professionals. Yet the structural integrity and longevity of your investment directly correlate to the knowledge and level of skill of the contractor you appoint. Veteran pole barn construction companies – like Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing – will help you overcome challenges with your site, answer all your questions, and ensure that your barn is built quickly and safely.

General advice recommends looking for a firm that has at least three to five years’ experience. Bob McClure, owner of Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing, has been designing, manufacturing, and constructing pole barns for 32 years (and counting!)

Check Credentials of Different Pole Barn Construction Companies

Do not leave anything to chance when deciding on a qualified pole barn contractor. Make sure you are hiring a reputable construction company by checking their credentials:

  • Get references and ask those on the list about the workmanship and their experiences with the company. If possible, visit some of the pole barns the company has previously constructed for a firsthand look at their quality.
  • Check online reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp.
  • Confirm the company is properly licensed and insured. Verify their compliance with building codes and regulations at your local building authorities.
  • Meet with the contenders and trust your gut. Interviewing pole barn builders will give you a fair indication of their:
    • professionalism, respect, and punctuality,
    • communication skills and transparency,
    • creativity and flexibility.

Get Multiple Quotes for a Pole Barn

Getting estimates from three or four pole barn companies is a shrewd move. Comparing multiple quotes gives you a good idea of the average price range. Be cautious of super high or super low pole barn quotes and look out for red flags such as firms more interested in upselling than delivering quality work.

At the same time, do not make your decision based solely on the quote amount. While price is important, evaluate the estimates in conjunction with the credentials you researched above.

Review the Contract Carefully

A requisite in how to select a pole barn manufacturer is reading the fine print. Avoid defaulting to “I agree”, and carefully review the terms and conditions. Check that all details, including project scope, materials, payment schedules, and timelines are clearly outlined. Ensure that you get any warranties on the materials or construction work in writing.

Communicate Your Expectations

Now that you know how to choose the right pole barn contractor with confidence, the ball is in your court to make sure that you communicate your expectations. Even the most established providers cannot read your mind. But there are ways to improve the flow of communication:

  • Set aside sufficient time to discuss the components that make up your ideal space.
  • Take along pictures and even mood boards. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
  • Ask for visual or physical examples of design suggestions from the company.
  • Schedule frequent meetings (preferably on site if possible) to ensure you and your contractor are on the same page at every step of the way.

Having read this guide on how to choose the right pole barn contractor, all that’s left to do is get in touch with Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing without delay!