Pole barn accessories enhance a barn exterior and could increase its value. When you spend so much time and money on designing a barn and having it built, why not add a few accessories that elevate it? The pole barn additions you choose might be functional, like a hydraulic door, or an aesthetically beautiful feature such as a custom cupola with a weathervane. Even the simplest pole barn design can look good with the right accessories.

When an outside barn is used as a cowshed, it needs accessories that support its practicality and lets it merge with surrounding buildings. However, when the pole barn is used as an indoor riding arena where clients often visit, adding complementary accessories is worth the business expense. Choose some of the following accessories for your pole barn.

Roof Accessories 

Roof accessories can be practical, decorative or both. One of the roof accessories that are both is a cupola, a small tower or dome-like feature projecting from the top of a barn roof. It creates adequate ventilation and makes a building such as an indoor riding arena architecturally pleasing. A weathervane with a rooster, horse, cat or even an airplane is sometimes added.

Add snow guards to a barn-style metal roof when you live in an area with heavy snowfall. Snow guards are rooftop devices that let snow and ice drop off in small amounts, thus limiting damage to gutters and other roof structures.

Pole Barn Doors   

Pole barn doors are about practicality. What will you be using the barn for? Can the equipment, horses or animal feed be moved in and out of the building easily? As a pole barn addition, there are many types of doors to select. Sliding doors, hydraulic doors, Dutch doors, bi-fold doors, overhead doors and walk doors.  

Sliding doors. Dual sliding doors and the classical barn sliding door are available. Both can be designed with crossbuck features.   

Hydraulic doors. Hydraulic doors are often used for commercial buildings such as airplane hangars or to store large agricultural equipment. 

Dutch doors. Mostly used in horse barns, when the top half is opened, it allows for ventilation and sunlight while the horses get an opportunity to socialize. Designs are standard, with crossbucks and even glass.       


As an architectural feature, pole barn porches provide shelter at the building doors and an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors under cover. A porch always enhances the design of a building. But what types of porches are available for pole barns? Maybe one of these is just what you need.

  • Standard porch
  • Wraparound standard porch
  • Wraparound Dutch porch
  • Eyebrow overhang
  • Inset porch
  • Step down porch
  • Continuous roof pitch porch
  • Roof pitch change porch 


Pole barn windows keep the building interior at a comfortable temperature while allowing light, sunshine, and fresh air to enter. They can be made in various materials, including wood, fiberglass, composite, and aluminum. Aluminum windows are sturdy and a good choice for horse or livestock pole barns. In a cold region, composite or fiberglass windows are best when using the building as a home or business, as it prevents frost from forming around the window edges.

Do you have a favorite window design? The type of window depends on the purpose of the building, its size, and where the windows are placed. The most chosen types are sliding, single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, and picture windows.

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