Pole barn colors used to be limited to red. But fortunately, there are many great colors to choose from today when you have a pole barn built. According to the Farmers’ Almanac, barns were originally red because paint was not readily available, and farmers had to be resourceful to protect their wood barns. 

To protect the barns and prevent fungi or moss from growing on them, farmers mixed readily available iron oxide (rusted iron ore) with linseed oil and painted their barns with the red mixture. Luckily, we have a multitude of pole barn color choices today. Here are tips for picking the best pole barn colors.       

Decide how many colors you want to use

You can choose from twenty-one colors for the siding and roof when you have a pole barn designed and built by Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing. The color groupings are greens, blues, browns, grays, reds, whites, and black. Then there is copper metallic and the original spangled silver color of Galvalume. 

There are generally four areas you can choose colors for. The roof, top siding, wainscoting, and trim. Use the pole barn color visualizer to see how the pole barn color schemes look. The visualizer also lets you choose roofing patterns such as exposed fastener, standing seam, metal tile, metal shingle, metal slate, or metal shake. 

There are also multiple pattern options within the standing seam and exposed fastener roofing categories. Further options are available when you research siding colors and patterns. Get metal color chips from a service provider such as Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing to verify a color selection, as there might be slight tone changes once it is painted onto metal.      

Think about your personal taste   

Are you building a pole barn house or indoor riding arena? Thinking of your personal taste in this instance is more important than if you were having stables or a cowshed built. Clients might be visiting the indoor riding arena, so a visually appealing color fitting within your brand color scheme would be appropriate.

Choose pole barn house colors based on your taste. External colors could complement the interior design, color scheme, and ambiance of your home or form a total contrast. If you want to know the latest interior decorating color trends, the Pantone organization has a wealth of information. We might not offer their current color of the year as a pole barn color, but the available choices are still extensive.   

Consider your building’s use and location   

When picking the best pole barn colors, consider the building’s use and location. 

Location. Is the pole barn going to be in a distant field because its purpose is to store cattle feed? Or will it be closer to home and serve as a garage? When a building is far away, the barn paint colors are less relevant than a building that stands closer to others, often used by family or seen by visitors. Choose a color that fits in with existing buildings, or if you don’t want the building to be too visible, choose a color closer to the landscape.

Use. Think of the building’s use when choosing the best pole barn color combinations. A small plane or helicopter hanger needs a color that blends in with the surrounding buildings, unless you want your business to stand out. A pole barn car garage or household goods storage building should coordinate with the house color to create a unified effect.

Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing uses only experienced industry professionals as pole barn builders. We design and build customized structures to suit any client’s needs. To complement the pole barn building of your choice, Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing offers custom steel fabrication services for dutch doors, entry gates, signs, artwork, and more. Do you want to have a pole barn built in Colorado but don’t know which pole barn colors to choose? Call us today.