What does a pole barn cost? The costs are variable with several factors impacting the price of a post-frame building. Pole barn construction provides a fast, safe, durable and affordable building option.

This type of construction is our passion, and after more than twenty years in the industry we have designed and constructed buildings ranging from horse barns, horse riding arenas, garages, and small plane hangars. Read on to learn more about pole barn costs and whether you should have professional help to design and construct your building.

How Much Should a Pole Barn Cost?

What is a reasonable price for one of these types of buildings and what are the main components that drive the difference? The main factor is the building’s size, purpose, and additional options. Most of the construction cost is divided between the roofing, siding, and flooring. If you want a cow shed with a lean-to or large agricultural building for storing crops without cement flooring, the cost will be lower than for something larger such as a horse riding arena.      

Pole barn costs are also affected by:

  • Location
  • Site preparation (land clearing, pad leveling etc.)
  • Engineering services 
  • Permits
  • Local county requirements
  • Labor
  • Type of building materials selected
  • Insulation
  • Utility services (electrical, plumbing, drainage)
  • Building features and finishing
  • Financing

Don’t assume a pole barn is unattainable, your dream structure might be more affordable than you think! Speak to the professionals at Peak Pole Barns and let us help you.

Building Your Pole Barn DIY vs Hiring a Professional

Choosing pole barn DIY or hiring a professional is a personal choice. If you have the time, tools, construction experience, and local building code knowledge, you may consider building yourself. As experts in pole barn construction, we offer extensive experience particular to the county you live in.

Peak Pole Barns understands local materials, terrains, weather patterns and their impact on your new building. We work closely with property owners to design a structure that includes everything needed to ensure safety, comfort, functionality, and longevity.  

How to Save on Pole Barn Installation Cost

Hiring a professional will result in savings on your pole barn installation cost, but there are actions you can take before the construction company begins building. Site preparation is time-consuming and clearing unnecessary trees, boulders, or other items yourself can result in significant savings. If you have access to machinery, you can do certain excavations after clearing it with the construction company.

Do you need all the interior work completed immediately, or can you delay some of it for a later date? Services such as electrical and plumbing are essential when you have a horse barn or indoor riding arena, but put off concrete flooring or remove the cupola from your design for immediate cost-savings.

Are Pole Barns Cheaper Than Garages?

Are pole barns cheaper than garages? It all depends on where your garage will be and its ultimate use. If you are building a garage in city limits, it will be affected by zoning, building, sewer use, and drainage permits. A barn for agricultural machinery outside the city limits might not have so many restrictions. Pole barn construction is fast, safe, and the building requires minimal maintenance for many years. It is a budget-friendly building and storage solution.

Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing is a full-service business providing a complete building solution, from concept to finished construction. We work to high standards set and met by qualified professionals. Contact us today to discuss your pole barn’s estimated cost.