A pole barn extension can be a great investment for your property, but there are many things to consider before jumping in. This article covers the basics of what you need to know before starting this project so that you can be prepared for all the steps involved!

Why Should You Invest in a Pole Barn Extension?

A pole barn extension is an addition to an existing post frame building that increases the length or width of the barn. This type of building extension is typically added to the side or end of a pole barn but can also be added to the roofline.

Property owners use pole barn extensions to create additional space that can be used for storage, living, commercial, or farming activities.

How Will an Extension Affect Your Building?

When you are planning to extend your pole barn, it is important to consider how the new structure will affect the original building. Here are a few things you need to take into account:

  • First, the building addition will affect the overall load bearing capacity of the existing structure. Ensure the structural integrity of the extension. It must be structurally sound so that it is able to support the weight of the roof and any other loads that will be placed on it.
  • Next, the alteration will likely change the wind and snow load patterns on the current roof. You will need to factor these changes into your design.
  • Finally, the add-on may block some of the light from reaching the original pole barn. You will need to consider how this will affect heating and cooling costs, as well as natural lighting inside the main building.

Does Your Building Site Affect Where You Want to Extend?

It is important to understand where you can and cannot expand your post frame when creating a site layout. The building location can be affected by various factors:

  • Although it’s challenging to find out what your city or county requires for permits, it’s crucial to take the time and do some research. The easiest way to find this information out is by contacting your city hall or county courthouse.
  • Many municipalities will examine your building plans and approve where you can place your addition. (Tip from the top: Let our building experts at Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing assist you with this tiresome process!)
  • Another thing to consider is the water drainage. You will need to examine where your current water runoff goes, as well as plan where future runoff will go. Your goal should be to ensure rainwater does not pool or accumulate in or around your pole barn. Another water-related site concern is the condensation that might result from existing conditions.
  • The aspect of your property will determine the best orientation of any building – including your extension – to make the best use of natural sunlight.
  • The slope and topography of your ground will have an impact on the foundation requirements.

Hire a Professional

There are circumstances when it’s better to hire a professional building contractor to extend your pole barn:

  • If you are unsure of the local building codes and regulations, it’s best to consult with an expert.
  • If the upgrade will be significantly large or complex, it’s also worth hiring someone with experience to ensure the job is done correctly.
  • If you do not feel confident in your own abilities to complete the project safely and correctly, it is always better to hire a professional rather than risk damaging your property or injuring yourself.
  • If you want the job done to a high standard, with top quality building materials, on time, and with minimal stress or disruption to your life, contact Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing today to discuss your pole barn extension! With our expertise in designing and constructing buildings, you get a solution that meets all your wants and needs.