Do you have many pole barn ideas? Does your dream include a residential pole barn and somewhere for boat storage until the next time you go to the lake? Maybe you need a barn for agricultural purposes or stables for horses? There are many ways to use post-frame buildings, let’s discuss a few more.


Are you an avid gardener, or do you prefer growing vegetables? Colorado’s diverse climate and high altitudes are challenging, but with a pole barn greenhouse, you can extend the life cycle of your favorite vegetables, flowers, and other plants. The location of your greenhouse should allow for the best sun exposure, especially in the cold winter months, but also be practical for you to access.   

If you choose to do your planting and growing on tables and other structures, pole barns are ideal as they can be built on gravel or dirt and don’t need a concrete foundation. The post-frame construction method is quicker and less expensive than standard building methods but still offers a robust, sturdy structure. With the design of your pole barn greenhouse, remember to plan for easy access to water, sufficient storage space for gardening materials, and a seating area where you can rest with a thirst-quenching drink. 


The quick but sturdy construction of pole barns is ideal for storage space. Are you a commercial business renting out equipment or vehicles? Maybe you sell seeds and feed to the agricultural market? Use a post-frame building for a dual purpose. Store your goods, but also include in your pole barn design an area for offices.  

Do you need storage space for your personal belongings, such as furniture, boxes of books, and heirloom items? Maybe you have an RV waiting for that next trip through the rockies. A pole barn building can serve as a garage and goods storage space. Tips for easy management of your storage building include:

  • Make a list of stored items, and when possible, a sketch of where they are stored.
  • Wedge doors of stored appliances open to prevent mold.
  • Create paths for easy access to goods stored towards the back.


Did you know the floor plan of your pole barn home is just as flexible as that of a standard house? Pole barn construction uses less materials than typical buildings and is cost-saving, but you will still have a sturdy house with everything you dreamed of inside. Due to its design, pole barn buildings are well insulated, with good ventilation and construction is quick.  

The money saved by using post-frame construction means you can add pole barn garages or a workshop to your house plans. Do you regularly entertain friends outside who would appreciate a rustic man-cave or she-shed? Pole barn ideas are not only limited to housing, but the building can be anything you need. 

Cold Storage Building

Cold storage is not one of the pole barn ideas people would immediately think of, but you can definitely use pole barn construction for cold storage space. There are three aspects that require specific attention, ventilation, insulation, and access. 

Ventilation. Condensation is naturally part of a cold storage building. Attic spaces should have ridge exhaust vents and eave air intakes to promote ventilation, while exterior walls need a weather-resistant barrier that allows moisture through.    

Insulation. The recommended insulation value for a 36 – 38 degrees cold storage concrete slab is R-20, walls should be R-30 and the roof R-40.    

Access. Install insulated overhead doors at each end of the building and ensure there is sufficient interior clear height for mechanical equipment moving goods around.  

Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing, Colorado Springs, is a full-service business. We design the custom building with our clients, source all the pole barn materials, and do the construction. Do you want handrails or artwork for your pole barn house? We also do custom steel fabrication. To bring your pole barn ideas to life, contact Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing today.