One of the pleasures of an indoor horse arena is seeing mounted riders entering through the sliding doors and appreciating the beauty of each horse. Owning an indoor horse arena is an asset and a potential liability, as it is with any business. A well-designed and well-built indoor riding arena will increase your property value and, together with the income generated, balance out the capital expenditure incurred.  A poorly built riding arena could be a liability, and may be something that costs you more later on when you sell the property. 

Do you have a boarding business and want to provide an additional service to owners? Maybe your focus is training for formal equestrian events such as dressage or showjumping. An indoor horse arena allows more practice time than an outdoor arena within a safe environment. Not to mention, riding indoors throughout the cold Colorado winter months expands the enjoyment of owning horses. There are many costs to owning an indoor arena, but what are some benefits?   

More Climate Control, More Horse Work

Wood post frame buildings constructed by Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing are sturdy and reliable. As the posts used in pole barns are widely spaced, the finished structure has fewer thermal breaks. The building is better insulated, ventilation is enhanced, and the air quality is improved. All these factors contribute to a comfortable environment for horses and their humans.  

In a climate-controlled environment, horses can work longer hours and experience less stress. Natural light is necessary for a healthy environment, and you can use side lights to bring light into the arena. Consider installing a Cupola as they can let in light, promote ventilation and are architecturally pleasing. High-traffic areas of a quality indoor riding facility are protected from snow and heavy rain.

Riding At Night

Is your equine boarding business close to a city like Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, or Denver? Then you would know that some owners enjoy driving out after work to destress and exercise their horses. Others might have only one day to ride on a weekend and would appreciate the opportunity to extend their riding day into the night. An indoor riding arena is vital for those additional practice hours required when the competition date for a dressage or showjumping event is close.      

Electrical lighting installed for riding at night is also helpful for special events such as an equine Christmas pageant for a charitable organization or just to show off the skills of young riders to their working parents.

Consistent Surface Leads to Less Injuries

Give careful attention to surface consistency at any indoor horse riding facility. The fact that you can manage the uniformity, compared to the dangers offered by unpredictable outside surfaces, leads to fewer injuries.   

According to Premier Equestrian, a specialist footing supplier, horses must be comfortable on an arena surface. If the surface is inconsistent or poor, it can increase injury while decreasing performance and confidence.  The landing, loading, and rollover/push-off phases are the three interactions between the horse and the arena surface. Quality arena footing allows horses to move comfortably through the three phases. 

But what are the characteristics of a quality surface? It should have a combination of firmness, cushioning, cupping, rebound, and grip. It minimizes concussion, provides support, absorbs shock, and returns energy back to the horses.           

Rent Your Arena Out

Besides giving back to the community with charitable equine pageants and using the facility for your purposes, you can rent out the arena for formal competitions, especially when there are few similar buildings in your area. Planning for this should be part of the designing phase of the pole barn building, as extensive parking spaces and other public facilities such as toilets would be needed. You will already know most of the horse clubs and associations in your county and region, so reaching out should be easy.  

Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing, Colorado Springs, is a full-service business. We design the custom building with our clients, source all the pole barn materials, and do the construction. With building experience since 1992, our construction portfolio includes homes, horse barns, and more. Does your arena need a Cupola? We do customized steelwork. If you want to build an indoor horse arena, contact Peak Pole Barns and Manufacturing today.