If “a short story is what you see when you look out of the window”, what tale do your pole barn windows tell?

The window installation in your post-frame building is among the top priorities. Along with Mavis Gallant’s observation that they reveal the comings and goings outside your pole barn, a structure’s windows:

  • Allow in natural light
  • Provide ventilation
  • Protect your pole barn and its contents from water leaks
  • Resist heat gain or loss to maintain a comfortable interior temperature
  • Act as a sound barrier
  • Offer an emergency exit

Not to be confused with a popular computer operating system, window manufacturers have a wide variety of user-friendly options from which you can choose. No one (window) size fits all and your needs and tastes will prescribe what is most suitable.

As with everything to do with the installation process, the window quality determines its usefulness, ROI, and longevity. Take some time to research the best pole barn windows for your requirements.

The Window Style

Selecting window styles is a fun task. This is your opportunity to add some personality to your barn. From an aesthetic point of view, there are some typical types of windows:

  1. Double hung windows have two operating sashes that slide up and down to open the top, bottom, or both.
  2. Single hung windows have only one moveable sash and a fixed sash.
  3. Casement windows are attached to their frames by one or more hinges on either of their sides to open to the left or the right using a crank.
  4. Awning windows are hinged at the top to open out upwards.

Branching out from the above, you may want architectural options such as round, triangle, gothic, or eyebrow designs.

But there are also the practical window construction styles to consider:

  • Vinyl window frames are cheap and almost maintenance free, but their flexibility may render them unsuitable for pole barns.
  • Wood framed windows are classic, durable, and effective insulators. But their maintenance costs are relatively high.
  • Composite frames are very low maintenance, more structurally sound than solid wood frames, and come in a wide variety of hues to compliment your exterior pole barn colors.
  • Aluminum window frames are not the best material for heat transfer and loss. To overcome that, look for a polyurethane thermal break. By separating the interior and exterior aluminum, the thermal break prevents cold air transferring through the fenestration. Moreover, aluminum has a tremendous weight to strength ratio, is corrosion resistant, and is a long-lasting, durable metal.

Selecting the right window frame construction style is an important conversation to have with your pole barn builder. 

The Type of Glass

Along with the frame material, energy-efficient windows need appropriate glazing and sealing.

The surface of a window is typically made of glass, which transmits light into the building but does not stop the transfer of thermal energy. The glass portion of your windows affects the energy efficiency depending on the number of panes of glass and whether it has a low-emissivity coating. Low-e glazing provides several key benefits to a structure:

  • It increases energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer. Less heat is lost through windows and less energy is needed to keep the structure warm.
  • Low-e glass can reduce condensation within a building by decreasing the amount of water vapor that condenses on the windowpane.
  • It also prevents ultraviolet rays from penetrating the window and causing damage to items inside your pole barn. Reducing UV rays is also important to lower the risk of skin cancer on humans who may spend a lot of time inside the barn.

Weather stripping and proper sealing will improve the structure’s thermal efficiency and reduce heat loss through the windows.

It is no secret that weather-proofing and insulating windows can be expensive. However, with the help of energy-efficient windows, you save money and keep your structure warm and dry.

The Window Placement

Picture a child’s drawing of any type of building. Are the windows in the top corners of the façade? You should be glad that your window placement options are a lot more varied.

That said, there are structural considerations you must adhere to when adding windows to your pole barn. For instance, the position of trusses may need to be altered to avoid blocking the opening. A professional pole barn construction company can guide you through these pitfalls with ease.

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